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I visited the Berlin Wall in Vegas and contemplated the history behind it, the struggle, the vision is being torn down. Of course though, if you’re about to take a piss in Main Street Station , Las Vegas, you can ponder all of this while relieving yourself at the same time. What a world we live in!

If you’re on a diet you might want to steer clear of this giant Hershey’s statue of Liberty. It is (or was) rather aptly featured at New York-New York and is made of 800 pounds of chocolate. It took 1000 hours to make!

This Carved Woolly Mammoth Tusk featured at Treasure Island, Las Vegas is so instrumentally carved that it’s hard to believe. The tusk itself must be at least 45000 years old, and the description of the exhibit reads ““The carving on the tusk is presumed to have taken many generations to complete. As you view the tusk, note the transition of military garb and weaponry which change with the generations.”. Fascinating, though let’s leave ivory firmly in the past now, okay guy?

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