Lottery Games – You’ve got to be in it to win it!

In the world of gambling, whether online or offline, Lottery is actually quite unique. I say this on account that many people don’t even really see it as gambling, yet realistically playing the lottery is a past-time that almost everyone has taken part in, at one time or another. The game – at least on a ‘national lottery’ level – is one of those situations where life changing money is on offer that otherwise would be nothing but a pipe dream. While it’s still not far off one when we’re talking about lotteries with millions taking part, it’s of course still possible. I recall a comedian’s routine of a man praying to God each week that he’d be on the receiving end of that illusive huge lottery win, only for God to eventually answer back and say ‘for goodness sake, meet me half way and buy a ticket’.

It’s funny to think that it’s only in recent history in the UK and Ireland that there has even been a National Lottery. I’m sure most of us recall how upon becoming a national past-time, we’d all gather around the TV to watch it pan out live in the hope that this week would be our week. In the opinion of the professionals at, anyone can get 5 out of 6 numbers in the National Lottery, although it has to be said that missing a ball makes all the difference. Still, it goes to show that even when odds are not exactly stacked in your favour, there still will inevitably be big winners.

Of course, in the internet age playing the lotto can be an entirely different affair. It stops being the case of playing against a nation and instead online lottery games often are a much more winnable (and hence in my view enjoyable in a day to day sense) situation. For the realistic individual who isn’t holding out for a £100 million win that doesn’t come this can often be a fun past time and great way to unwind after a tough day. A bit of well earned ‘me time’ if you will, in a world where so little of our time is our own.

Online lottery games can sometimes resemble the typical match the numbers style of traditional lottot games, but  often the term also relates to virtual scratch card games and the like. These are typically games of the instant winner variety where, after buying your tickets, you ‘virtually’ scratch off numbers to see if you’ve won an instant price of not. Games of this nature include the likes of Happy Scratch and Slapshot for example. Both games offer good returns and involve a player hoping for a winning number combination often on a standrd 3×3 layout. You can win many times the stake bet playing these and similar scratch theme games (10,000 in the case of Happy Scratch) and the games are very intuitive.

The beauty of the online environment is that game are available when and where you want to play them, at a time of your pleasing and place. You’re in control of the stake and they’re compatible with a wide range of devices, and as was stated before, you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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