Casino Aesthetic

When most people think of casinos, they centre in on the casino games themselves, and of course we all have our personal favourites. For me it just has to be roulette. Sure it can be a bit of a ‘slow burn’ type game, but there are various strategies that can be utilised, and the rewards can be significant if your number comes up. On top of that there’s no great learning curve to go through to understand the rules. Others may like the psychological aspects of poker, some the bright lights and sounds of slots, or the snappy, fast paced nature of blackjack. These games whether played via faithfully recreated real money online casinos, or in bricks and mortar establishments are mainstays of casinos the world over.

Away from the specifics of the casino games themselves though, comes the venues that host them. Far more thought and effort has been put into the design of these environments than you might first imagine. For instance the lighting and lack of clocks are both used to disguise the passing of time (so that you’re likely to stay there for longer!). The visuals on the slot machines, it goes without saying, are designed to keep the excitement levels up and along with the accompanying sounds are almost hypnotic in nature.

Even online venues like the best online casino games seek to recreate the casino aesthetic of real life, and in general do a pretty good job of it. It’s not just a room’s lighting, layout and the uniformity of playing areas, cards and so on that are part of the casino aesthetic. It also extends to what the patrons of such venues wear. Sometimes casinos have a specific dress code in keeping with the look and the standard of the venue. Who can blame them when everything is ‘just so. I would say that the type of known image that oozes ‘casino class’ that many are going for is the Daniel Craig in Casino Royale look. I can’t say I’ve got that much to spend on my wardrobe to be perfectly honest, but I do my best!

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